Beach testing a duffel bag

by Fabrizio Giuliani March 13, 2015

I asked Edward, whilst I froze my derrier off in New York city,  to beach test our duffel bag in Hawaii. 
Hawaii O'ahu
Edward had been using this duffel for over a year so he had already managed to achieve  that dark aged look we all crave. I asked him to push it outside its urban and plane travel comfort zone though.  The results? Well, with sand and the odd splash, goat leather is naturally water-resistant, the bag fared extremely well. So well, that it actually got better.
Handmade Leather Duffel bag by Satch&Fable
Handmade duffel Gym Bag by Satch&Fable
Why? Because the  leather is already used to salt water as that is how it has been treated before becoming one of our signature bags. Goat leather is not tanned with any chemicals but washed 5-6 times in salt water and then dried in the sunshine. The result? A bag you can take anywhere, including the beach. 
Taking this bag to the beach with you will make it look better because this carry-on duffel will go slightly darker where the water hits it giving it that awesome vintage look.
Handmade carry-on leather duffel bag by Satch&Fable
We love this bag, we love it especially because it is so versatile. You can really take it anywhere and use for multiple purposes. Take it to the gym , yes even if it rains and there is no need to scotch guard the leather. The 24" duffel can be taken as carry-on, exhibit A up here, Edward took it in the cabin with him all the way to Hawaii. No more lining up at the carousel after am 11 hour flight. 
I also use it for everyday Urban travel or to go away for the week end. I love it especially because it is lightweight and so easy to carry, either by the handles or with the adjustable shoulder strap.
Handmade leather duffel bag by Satch&Fable
Happy almost summer everyone and don't be jealous, we are gonna get to the beach soon enough. 
leather duffel gym bag by Satch&Fable
aloha Hawaii

Fabrizio Giuliani
Fabrizio Giuliani


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