Leather bags roaming around a Honolulu suburb

by Fabrizio Giuliani March 19, 2015

Today we packed a 13" leather flap bag and a 13" leather satchel and headed out for an unusual adventure to the suburbs of Honolulu to take a set of photos you would not expect from the island of O'ahu

handmade leather satchel with pocket

We love suburbs, we love the grit they have to offer. We love how what appears to be ordinary can come out as extraordinary if you looked at properly and with different eyes.

We love suburbs even more in Honolulu. Because one does not think about them. When you say Hawaii people picture crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, but no one thinks that Honolulu has an ordinariness to it just like every other city in the world.


handmade leather satchel

An American form of Bauhaus architecture called the international style was accepted in Hawaiʻi and became a trend especially for downtown Honolulu office buildings. Bauhaus employed classical principles in their most simplified forms without the use of heavy ornamentation. Characteristic of Bauhaus were dull colors like white, gray, beige and black and embraced open floor plans.

Leather satchel by Satch&Fable

But the suburbs are different from the streamline of downtown Honolulu and its 60's flavour. They are haphazard and have a lot of concreted yards and garages filled with let's say, unusable objects.

tablet satchel by Satch&Fable 

In spite of this, as we walked past this weatherboard house we were struck by the unintentional, or maybe not, green color scheme, down to the green hose which, we fell in love with immediately. As well the iPad leather satchel

the abandoned TV set just around the corner. A form of art in itself or at least, that is how we saw it.

The best graffitis are in Kaka'ako, the new trendy  part of town near downtown Honolulu, but in Kaimuki where we got to hang out for the day, we found a few attempts like this one below. It was simple but we liked the message and the wabi-sabi quality of it with its peeling wall as background.


In the midst of all this grungy suburbs, we did manage to find a more recognisable Hawaiian flavour to the street. The flowers of course. The world famous welcoming leis, from the hibiscus (pua aloalo in Hawaiian) the state flower, to plumerias to the Ohias and  the mokihana.


Leather flap bag

But as much as we love the suburbs, we could not leave you without an epic photo of one of us jumping in the blue clear water of Hawai'i.


Aloha everyone and may the spring be upon New York city soon.

Hawaii beaches by Satch&Fable

Fabrizio Giuliani
Fabrizio Giuliani


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