Handmade Leather Duffel Bags: A Must Have For You

by Fabrizio Giuliani November 29, 2016

Handmade Leather Duffel Bags: A Must Have For You

Handmade Leather Duffel Bags: A Must Have For You

Are you someone who’s always on the move? Want a bag that’s much easier to transport? Well, then you must add a handmade leather duffel bag to your travel. While suitcases can seem impractical for quick getaways or long weekends, duffel bags are ideal travel companions for people taking short excursions. Not only are they easier to squeeze into congested compartments than a solid case but are way more stylish than a clunky suitcase.

Before, we finally discuss the uses of a duffel bag; let’s first know how it actually came into origin.

Duffel Bag: How it came into origin?

Duffel Bag got its name from a town called Duffel in Belgium where thick cloth was used to manufacture the bag. The bag acquired its substantial status in surfer sub-cultures of post World War II California & east coast Australia. While former saw its use by ex-Navy personnel, latter witnessed surfies using this bag.

Used by surfies in early 1960s, the Australian duffel bags were carved out of canvas and were mostly faded ochre or light khaki in colour. However, their use died out by mid-1960s. Then, came; the swag—the rolled-up woolen cover hurled in bandolier-fashion across shoulder & chest. The itinerant persons or workers who had no fixed home in country used it for holding things in mid-19th to mid-20th centuries. Originated in military, the swag came from Prussian soldiers of 19th century.


handmade ethically in Italy leather duffel bag black

Handmade Leather Duffel Bag: Why they are best used for travelling?

A duffel bag is truly a travel bag because it is:

Easier to transport

No need to make extra effort while dragging a suitcase on rollers behind you when you can sling a leather duffel bag over your shoulders and carry it with ease.

Extremely Lightweight

Well, if you’re a frequent flyer you must be aware that your bags should be under or at a specific weight. And, if you carry a standard suitcase you would actually be increasing the weight. On the other hand, a duffel bag will not only make it easily to cabins of all airlines but will also hold more of your travelling stuff.


Water resistant

Weather resistant, you can easily take a handmade leather carry-on duffel bag on trail, on road, and virtually everywhere you want to go. When Italian leather gets wet, not soaked, starts having more character and your clothes won't get wet inside because leather does not absorb water like canvas. 



This bag has its own aesthetic appeal—all thanks to different colours, themes, styles and layouts this leather duffel bag comes in. I have lost count of how many times flight attendants ask me where I got my leather bag.


Authentic Made in Italy Leather Duffel Carry-On Bag

Exclusively designed for a traveller, this handmade leather carry-on duffel bag can easily make it to the cabin of a plane with its ideal dimensions i.e. 22"(L) x 9"(H) x 9"(D). Hence, you can use it as a cabin bag in almost every airline without any shrugs from airline staff. Made in Italy, this duffel bag is made using only the finest Italian leather.

 Long adjustable, detachable shoulder strap, extra strong carry handles and luxurious canvas lining are some of highlights of this handmade leather duffel bag.


It’s versatile since it can be used as:


  • A gym bag
  • An overnight bag
  • An everyday carry-on bag


handmade ethically in Italy leather duffel bag brown



Fabrizio Giuliani
Fabrizio Giuliani


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