Handmade leather messenger bags, what's the use?

by Fabrizio Giuliani November 26, 2016

Handmade leather messenger bags, what's the use?

All about Leather Messenger Bags At One Place

Are you an enthusiast of handmade leather messenger bags? How about having a handmade leather bag made out of Italian leather? Well, the good news is you can add one to your fashion wardrobe.

However, before you finally get down to the specifications of our handmade leather messenger bag, let’s first see where it actually came from in the first place, its uses and more.

Ethically handmade leather messenger bag


Leather Messenger Bags: The story behind them

If you talk about the origin of these bags, they really had a very simple and functional origin. In earlier times, various kinds of messenger used old style of cotton canvas bags all through from Royal carriers in England to World War II military map caddies and pony express riders’ delivery pouches made out of leather for the purpose of relaying “messages”. It is said that a more contemporary messenger bag design was created in 1950 by De Martini Globe Canvas Company in NYC for telephone wireman to facilitate easy use of tools while mounting utility poles.


The messenger services started using these cotton canvas bags primarily in 1970 & in 1984 when John Peters re-studied bag, utilizing nylon and buckled closures—something that’s a present day industry norm, and contemporary leather messenger bags became the talk of the town.


Leather Messenger Bags: What all they can be used for?

Equipped to accommodate almost anything, the handmade leather messenger bags are sold off across different styles and sizes and are designed for easy access—something that makes it the first choice of everyone. Let’s quickly see how you can use them in a number of ways:

Courier Bag

You can use these handmade leather bags as courier bags for foot or bicycle messengers. Not only do they facilitate fast and efficient delivery of packets but also make sure your mails remain as intact as they should be.

You can also utilize canvas messenger bags and small messenger bags as well. While former messenger bags are great for small deliveries, latter make for impressive courier bags if you’ve only a handful of packets to deliver.

 Mail Bag

Well, you must have witnessed your mail carrier carrying a big leather messenger bag in order to deliver your mail. Not only can it hold your mail together but can accommodate a lot more. So, why not follow your postman’s lead and use it in the same way to hold & organize paper you carry every day. A classic way to carry things…isn’t it?

handmade leather messenger laptop bag

School Bag

Students in college and high school can utilize messenger bags for holding their notebooks, books, binders and more. The easy flap top facilitates speedy insertion & extraction, and almost all messenger bags consist of many compartments, organizers and small pockets.

 Laptop Bag

Messenger bags also make great laptop bags as its design is best for holding and carrying your portable device without any fuss.

Travel Bag

Since, it can hold a lot, you can also use it for travelling purposes, especially for weekend getaways.

Authentic Made in Italy Leather Messenger Bag

Satch & Fable brings you one-of-its kind handmade leather messenger bag made out of Italian leather. Available in two shades black and brown, this bag gets its inspiration from old-fashioned US postal worker bag with an Italian design and a New age traveler twist that makes it favorable for present lifestyle.

Handmade Leather Bag: What makes it stand out?

  • It’s great for bikers, walkers, cyclists, workers and travelers
  • It’s softer than its other counterparts
  • Moulds easily around your body


Fabrizio Giuliani
Fabrizio Giuliani


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