Handmade leather tote/shopping bag

by Fabrizio Giuliani December 19, 2016

Handmade leather tote/shopping bag

Handmade Leather Tote/Shopping Bag For Men: Where Style Meets Functionality

Do you want a bag that can be used as a shopping bag, a travel bag, a carry all bag, a purse or a gym bag? Well, then you’re surely in need of a handmade leather tote for men and women.

Before, we discuss how these handmade leather totes can make your life easier; let’s take a quick run through their history:

Tote Bags: A quick glimpse into its history

Traced back to 17th century, the term tote or tate means “to carry”. However, tote was not utilized to describe or suggest bags till 1900. The ultimate craze of tote bags started in 1940s in United States with release of Boat Bag by L.L Bean in 1944. As tote bags were quite easy to carry luggage, they gained instant popularity amongst masses. By 1950s, these tote bags started becoming a part of their main culture. Perhaps, these bags were used as practical handheld bags by women as they didn’t need much care and maintenance. It was not until 1960s that these bags were inspired by personal style.

Bonnie Cashin who started her own line of totes and Kate Spade who carried these totes as fashion bags played a pivotal role in lending these bags the status they hold today.

Handmade Leather Tote For Men: Why they are best for everyday use?

An everyday-use bag

Well, everyone needs something that they can carry around on daily basis, something that can hold all their everyday stuff, something that makes their life easy and unfussy—a handmade leather tote is one such bag.

Holds your daily essentials

You no more need to hold your daily essentials in hand with a handmade leather tote for men due to huge space and multiple compartments that carries and organizes all your stuff easily.

Goes everywhere

While a handmade leather shopping bag or tote is best for shopping, you can also take it when going for an outing or a trip. Needless to say, a leather tote is what you need to make your travel simpler and hassle-free.

Stylish & Versatile

Buying a handmade leather shopping bag means you now own an accessory that’s completely versatile. Irrespective of what you wear, these leather tote bags will go with anything and everything. Moreover, the material used in its manufacturing makes it look stylish and adds to your everyday fashion statement.

Of everyone’s use

Gone are the days when tote bags were only made for women. Today, you can get high quality handmade leather tote for men that not only makes them look stylish but also make their lives easier.


When it comes to shopping, you need a bag that’s sturdier and can hold huge weight. A handmade leather tote will not tear and can easily withstand a good amount of weight. In fact, if you’re a kind of person who shops a lot or carries around huge stuff, then a leather tote can be your best bet.

Authentic Handmade In Italy Leather Tote Shopping Bag

Made out Italian leather, handmade leather tote shopping bag is much larger than other totes available out there. Coming in 2 huge panels, this unisex product stands big for simplicity & functionality. And, don’t miss upon the detachable leather wallet that comes with this tote!

Its highlights:

  • A detachable leather wallet
  • Long-lasting canvas lining
  • 2 internal chests, 1 padded for your tablet




Fabrizio Giuliani
Fabrizio Giuliani


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