Vegan Leather what's the big deal?

by Fabrizio Giuliani May 27, 2018

Vegan Leather what's the big deal?

The latest lifestyle culture taking over the globe is the Vegan lifestyle. Or Veganism. I am not overly too sure what the correct terminology on this one is however I am confident you understand what I mean.


It appears everyone is turning meat free and ditching all animal made produce along with it. Meat, eggs, dairy, even honey are being ditched from diets all over the World in favour of more plant based and ‘from the soil’ diets. There was a time when the mainstream media had veganism down as a passing fad that would wilt away like a daisy without water, however it is growing ever apparent that the Vegan life style is here to stay! And people around the globe are not just embracing it, they are thriving from it!


According to statistics,  6% of Americans now class themselves as Vegan, and these stats have risen rapidly by 500% since 2014. That is such a massive growth for a Country that to some can be known as the home of the Hamburger, BBQs and Biltong. In the UK, 3.5 million people are Vegan. This works out to be a sky high figure of 7% of the population. Statistics and forecasts show that both of these percentages are only going to increase.


Vegan leather laptop bag tote bag by Satch&Fable

I find myself talking to more and more people whom are ditching meat and other meat based products in favour of more plant based produce. Just this year alone saw a massive influx of people taking on board ‘Veganauary’ - a month in which many for the month of January became vegans and took on board that lifestyle.  A high percentage of these whom took part also carried on their new found love of plants after January and now consider themselves vegans.


Supermarkets are now making it a lot easier for people to reduce the amount of meat based products they eat and you can easily find vegan alternatives on the shelves of stores all across the World. There are dedicated aisles to the vegan lifestyle and products are being released by the day to keep up with demand.


Fashion too is starting to become more meat produce free, and thus invented Vegan Leather. A new alternative to leather and even faux leather and is an ideal way to remain fashionable and yet ethical at the same time too. Vegan leather trousers, jackets, duffel bags, laptop bags and tote bags are now a common site across the high street - but I bet my bottom dollar you would not be able to set standard leather and vegan leather apart if the two of them were to pass you in the street!

Vegan leather backpack laptop computer bag


There are many ways to embrace vegan living. Yet one thing all vegans have in common is a plant-based diet avoiding all animal foods such as meat (including fish, shellfish and insects), dairy, eggs and honey. The ethos of a vegan way of life is living which seeks to exclude, as far as is practicable, all forms of exploitation and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing bags or any other purposes.


So with the growing trend of reducing the amount of meat free products on our shopping lists, as mentioned the same is starting to happen with our clothes and our accessories. 


Fortunately, the team at Satch and Fable are dedicated to switching over to only vegan leather products and this is incredible news for us all!

vegan leather duffel travel bag by Satch&Fable


Already on their website I have found some Vegan Leather duffel bags, laptop bags and just the other day I ordered for myself a stunning vegan leather tote bag to use at home too. Now - I am no vegan warrior, nor am I here to preach to you to put down your bacon sandwich and to opt for a celery salad. Nor am I here to convince you to empty your wardrobe of every leather item in there. But as I grow older, perhaps a little wiser, and more in touch with my ethical side of living I get the feeling we should all reduce the amount of meat based products as best as we can; and to be honest, I would prefer to ditch my real leather laptop bag more than ditching my love for eggs and bacon.


You may be wondering what vegan leather is, right?


Simply put, it's a leather alternative that doesn't involve any animal products. What this looks like in practice most of the time is a synthetic fabric that's structured and printed to perform a bit like leather. It feels like leather, looks like leather, and acts like leather.


This type of fabric isn't new, even if the "vegan leather" label is, although the technology has advanced considerably since the cracked vinyl of a few decades ago which you may know as faux leather.


One of the best things about leather alternatives is that they help fuel creativity. Instead of being limited to traditional manufacturing processes, new materials come with new properties. Rather than having to work with the limited size of a single animal’s hide, sheets of synthetic and bio-leathers can be made to measure. There are vegan leathers made from tea, and even pineapple!

vegan leather backpack by Satch&Fable

The look of leather will never leave the fashion industry. Let’s face it - leather looks amazing and can be a real show stopper especially on a handsome laptop bag or even a duffel bag! Vegan leather has the ability to offer you the same look that leather has but without harming the planet quite like real leather does.


Let’s take the stunning vegan leather products available on the website for example. As I sit and write this blog post I can see 17 vegan leather travel bags, duffel bags  laptop bags wallets  backpacks  dopp kits and this list is due to grow with Satch and Fable offering to switch to only Vegan leather products in the coming months. I urge you to look at the photos on their website and tell me that you can see a difference between vegan leather and standard leather. I bet you can’t!

And just to amplify my point a little, I took my Vegan Leather tote bag out to the gym just yesterday. I showed it off to my group of friends and I had the chance to talk to them about it. Not only that, I asked all of them one simple question: “What do you think to the leather?”. Not one of them even considered that the bag was anything but real leather. The bag had them fooled! Vegan leather has come a long way in terms of quality and style and is now hard to tell apart from real leather!


You see, leather does harm the environment in many ways.


Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world and although it is a complex issue, animal leather can be singled out as one of the contributors. This is especially the case for cheap leather, which represents the majority of leather on the market. The use of hazardous chemicals to dye the leather and the release of toxic wastewater from tanneries into local rivers are just some of the examples of the negative impact of animal leather on the environment. With the rise of the environmental consciousness of society, the use of animal leather is expected to decline. It also for this reason that Satch&Fable only uses chemical free tanning in its real leather products


However, damage caused by the animal leather itself is only part of the picture when it comes to the environment. In many cases, the people who work with leather and live next to the leather tanneries have the biggest price to pay. They are in the greater risk of cancer and other diseases. Vegan leather is actually about the protection of basic human rights.


Last but not least, one has to remember that there is no leather without a dead animal. Now, I am not here writing this as a vegan master, telling you that you must never eat a hamburger again in your life, or you must only ever buy vegan products made from the organically grown root of plants. But for me, I want to start to be a little more aware as to what I am buying and where I am buying products from.


It is not just me. Consumers today are much more conscious of what they are buying and hold ethical thoughts at the top of their mindset.


vegan leather and canvas laptop bag by Satch&Fable


Findings by Grand View Research estimated that the global vegan leather industry is to be worth $85 billion by 2025. Just to compare, global sports footwear is currently valued at $90.4 billion. As you can see, vegan leather is due to set a real foot hold in the market and is certainly not just a passing fad.


So, my vegan leather tote bag is awesome. Not only does it do everything that I need to use it for, it looks damn good too. The vegan leather is no different to real leather in terms of looks and feel however whenever I take it out to the office, or even the gym I feel that I can hold my head a little higher, safe in the knowledge I have a fashionable accessory without harming the planet so much.


Be prepared to see a lot more vegan leather on the market place and I am sure before long vegan leather will become the norm when it comes to leather products and will soon overtake leather products as being the market leader.


vegan leather wallet by Satch&Fable


This new influx of vegan leather products will be led by brands, just like whom have decided, and rightly so in my eyes, to switch over to vegan leather.


Rightio, I must dash. My vegan leather duffel bag is stuffed with my active wear and the gym awaits!


Fabrizio Giuliani
Fabrizio Giuliani


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