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  • How does Morocco leather compare to cowhide?
  • How will my bag hold up over time?
  • My bag has a distinctive earthy smell. Will this fade over time?
  • Should I treat the leather?
  • What can I use if my bag needs cleaning?
  • Returns
  • What about a guarantee?


How does Morocco leather compare to cowhide?

Morocco leather is the common name for tanned goatskin. It is one of the softest, lightest and most resilient leathers available and is naturally water resistant because of the lanolin in the leather.

Compared to cowhide, it’s about half the weight, twice as pliable, and extremely strong. This means a goatskin bag is light, less bulky, and never requires a breaking in period.

Being handmade, each goatskin bag is unique. The goatskin is never dyed with harsh chemicals, so the shade of leather from item to item may vary slightly from our photographs.

How will my bag hold up over time?

We want you to enjoy your handmade Satch & Fable bag for a lifetime. For this reason we invest in the very best leather and fittings. Your straps are double stitched for strength. Your buckles and rivets are made of corrosion-free brass, not nickel, which is why they are stronger and will not rust, tarnish or leave black marks on your leather.

Your bag is also designed to protect your portable devices, thanks to dense internal padding around the internal compartments, so you can use it for everyday commuting as well as when you travel.

My bag has a distinctive earthy smell. Will this fade over time?

Yes. Because we use no harsh chemicals or dyes, goatskin leather does not give off that “new leather smell.” Instead, each piece initially has a genuine earthy aroma that is characteristic of the natural tanning process. This scent begins to dissipate as soon as the item is removed from its packaging, and fades entirely in 2-6 weeks.

If you’re one of our fans who love the smell of natural Morocco leather, soak it up while you can because it doesn’t last very long! If it’s not entirely to your liking, be patient rather than trying to mask the smell with sprays, oils, or cleaners. These will only seal over the leather and create a third smell which may take even longer to go away.

Should I treat the leather?

After your Satch & Fable bag has completely aired out, treating it ensures that it will last longer and look better. We recommend Renapur Leather Balsam to soften, protect and water-proof your bag in the future. It’s great for all your leather goods including shoes and jackets. In our store you will find Renapur available in small (60ml) and large (250ml) sizes and it is very economical to use.

What can I use if my bag needs cleaning?

Morocco leather (goatskin) can be cleaned with a mild, pumice-based soap, but not rubbed. You can rinse it with water, but never soak it. Pat the leather dry with a clean towel, and apply a leather conditioner (Renapur Leather Balsam). Allow the leather to air dry completely. Do not store your leather products in high-humidity and never dry clean or store goatskin leather near chemicals.

What about a guarantee?

We offer a complete money back guarantee if the product is defective in any way. If you are not satisfied, please get in touch and we will replace the item or refund your money. It’s that simple.


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