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Fabrizio Giuliani founder and CEO of Satch&Fable

My passion has always been bags. My first bag, age 3, was made of plastic and contained all my possessions. I was ready to go should the proverbial hit the fan. I upgraded to nylon then canvas and sometimes leather. I had all of them. A bag is your most treasured possession. It goes with you, it carries what you need. When you backpack alone, you always have your bag, it often hands out surprise snacks, socks or the occasional lost money bill. It's your Linus blanket, your imaginary friend. I love bags I love designing them and I love looking for them. Always imagining new possibilities. In over 25 years of pretty constant travel I have collected a series of perfect designs I know you will love. They are all here, pretty much. But, stay tuned because I keep adding them as I find them. Because they come from different areas, I am not Amazon I don't store millions of items some warehouse in the middle of nowhere, shipping is a bit slower, up to 10 business days, bear with me it will get there guaranteed. Ask me and I will guide you through the shipping and tracking progress. Keep on moving. Travel is travel  whether on the subway or on a jet plane.