Our Philosophy

In imperfection, beauty makes itself known

The art of embracing the world as we find it.


Satch & Fable bags are handcrafted to be distinctive – each bag, be a Morroccan leather bags, a crazy horse leather backpack or a canvas and cow hide Italian laptop bag, displays its own special grain, shading and signature imperfections. This is their beauty, their charm, their story.

Every item is unique and its shape, coloring and markings will come to reflect its experience with you. Time and use improve the character of the leather, and your bag becomes personalized by every step of your journey.


The concept of Wabi-Sabi

Wabi-sabi embodies the Japanese aesthetic centered on the transient and imperfect nature of all things. Wabi-sabi celebrates beauty that by its nature is imperfect and momentary.

At Satch & Fable all of our efforts and designs reflect the wabi-sabi ideal as we seek to embrace the reality that:

  • Nothing is permanent,
  • Nothing is ever truly finished, and
  • Nothing is completely perfect.


Vintage sewing machines – honoring the art of the craft

Machines are great, but at Satch & Fable we value people. The stitching capabilities of today’s sewing machines have become all about the computer chip inside. While this results in ever more perfect stitch lines, lost is any appreciation for the skill of the hand at the wheel.

In this automated world, we all yearn for evidence of our interconnectedness. That’s why we will never seek to eradicate the subtle imperfections that serve as a reminder of skilled hands. After all, a person with whom we share this earth has spent some portion of their day turning raw materials into a thing of beauty on our behalf. An item so personal that we carry it at our side.

We feel our tradition, by honoring the craftsperson, connects all of us to each other.

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