Satch&Fable Easy handmade leather bags returns

Here is what to do in the highly unlikely event you change your mind. 

-Step one Smile. It is a very easy process and we are good about it

Satch&Fable easy return policy


-Step two Send us a nice an email to let us know that the handmade leather bag did not work out for you. Something like, "I gave the leather messenger bag to my uncle but he is now a vegan... oops" or, "My boyfriend bought himself a half stitched, sweatshop-made satchel bag for half the price the day before I gave him this fair trade made in Italy briefcase." Each to the their own. Those are arguments are totally acceptable. This  is what we can not accept, "My bag got hooked to a truck by accident and was dragged on the freeway for 75 miles, I manage to retrieve it, can I get a refund?" or "I left my Satch&Fable tote shopping bag in aunt Audrey's wardrobe for 13 months but I haven't used it. Can I send it back?" 

-Step three Return it to us within 14 days of receipt, unused and in its original packaging. You can only send it back after you used it if you have accidentally left $1000 in the zippered side pocket. Failing that, we may need to ship it back to you. 

-Step four  We receive your bag, take a look at it and if everything great we will let you know. Then, you just have to sit tight and wait for your hard earned money to appear back in your account within 3-5 days. Sorry, banks are mean and take that long to return your money. 


Any questions, give us a call or contact us


Satch&Fable handmade leather bags