The Materials

The story is in the bag

Handcrafted on vintage sewing machines, each classically styled Satch & Fable item bears the signature details of our timeless artisanal methods.

Where on Earth have you been?

Since 2002 we’ve explored the world over in search of the most original and unique materials for Satch & Fable. It hasn’t been easy, but in that time we’ve satisfied over 10,000 customers searching for that one distinctive bag to call their own!

Along the way we’ve learned some really interesting things:

  • Humane animal husbandry costs only a few dollars more per item.
  • Money spent avoiding sweatshops is worth its weight in karma.
  • And there exists in this world a leather tanning method that actually respects the environment. Who knew?

Now it’s time to share all the best that we’ve discovered with those who value something beyond ordinary.



Natural Morocco leather

Sea salt and sunlight unite in a centuries-old tanning method to bring out the unique grain and character of each sheaf of goatskin. That’s right – Morocco leather is the softest, lightest and most resilient leather available because it’s made from naturally waterproof goatskin.

When compared to cowhide, it’s about half the weight, twice as pliable, and extremely strong and durable. Historically goatskin has been used in everything from shoes, wallets and gloves to book bindings and wineskins.

Your journey ingrained in every crease

No two bags start entirely identical. That’s because at Satch & Fable we never dye our leather. We allow each bag to retain the signature imperfections that reflect our hand-made process. Morocco leather is naturally infused with lanolin and then hand rubbed with plant-based oils, so it repels water but has an affinity for the oils of your hand.

With ongoing use your piece grows softer and develops its own individual markings that become part of its unique identity. The result? A supple material that rivals the comfort of an heirloom, with a look as personal as your own journey.

Trust your nose. It knows the difference!


How do you know it’s authentic Satch & Fable?

Out of respect for tradition – and the environment – our leather does not give off the odor of chemicals and dyes often associated with that “new leather smell”.

Instead, each piece initially has a genuine earthy aroma that is characteristic of the natural tanning process. This scent begins to dissipate as soon as the item is removed from its packaging, and fades entirely in 2-6 weeks.

If you’re one of our fans who loves the smell of natural Morocco leather, soak it up while you can because it doesn’t last very long. Then again, we won’t complain if you buy a new item every month!

Strong and resilient for the real world

When an item is personal, you want it to last. For this reason we invest in the very best leather and fittings. Our straps are double stitched for strength. Our 

buckles and rivets are made of corrosion-free brass, not nickel. This is why they are stronger and will not rust, tarnish or leave black marks on your leather.

Each bag features dense internal padding to protect your portable devices, without diminishing the internal space.

You may be the only one who will ever glimpse the unique lining inside your Satch & Fable bag. And for that very reason, we hope it serves as a reminder of the hidden treasure that lies within us all.


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